Meet the first self-cleaning blender.


Life just got a whole lot smoothier.

Meet the Replenish BlenderTM, the first self-cleaning appliance that instantly and harmoniously prepares healthy smoothies and snacks. The Replenish Blender mixes health, wellness, and simplicity in under a minute.

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The Replenish Blender instantly becomes the centerpiece of any kitchen. Now, instead of standing around stressing about unrealistic deadlines, teams will enjoy Replenishing instead.


Peel. Push. Pull. Enjoy!
No more washing, chopping, peeling, slicing, dicing or wasting.

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Can your blender do all of this?

You’ll instantly connect to its inviting, intuitive, and ultra-modern design. The Replenish Blender:

Cleans up after itself, so you don’t have to.

UI is simple and intuitive.

Equipped with an ultra-powerful 2 HP motor.

A powerhouse of a machine that’s small enough to fit on the average counter.

Blends in 60 seconds.

Developed by former Apple & Boeing engineers.

Designed and assembled in California.