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Replenish Cups™ arrive at your home or office—conveniently filled with a delicious variety of hyperfresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, and nuts—all flash-frozen at peak ripeness to preserve their optimal, fully-developed vitamins and nutrients. Replenish Cups™ are 100% recyclable.

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Real, raw replenishment.

Replenish yourself with nutritious, plant-based, vegetarian options. These healthy cups replace fatty dairy & processed sugars with coconut, cashew, and almond milk, as well as raw honey and dates. Chia, Goji berries, and Psyllium husks—Replenish Cups casually demonstrate that natural ingredients make you feel and function better than artificial ones.



Hyperfresh is better than fresh.

Replenishing yourself with fruits and vegetables on a daily basis prevents diseases and helps maintain good health. Unfortunately, we consume most of what we call “fresh” produce several days to many weeks after it’s been harvested—by which time it’s experienced substantial nutrient loss. By flash-freezing all natural fruits and vegetables at their prime ripeness, Replenish Cups halt spoilage, prevent pathogens, and preserve key nutrients.

Freezing food was used by tribes in cold climates for centuries. By freezing ingredients, we avoid using the all-so-common emulsifiers, preservatives, synthetic additives present in most food products. The only process we use to preserve food is cold temperature.


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Our core blends.



Live cultures and delicious mango make a great afternoon snack.

mango, cultured coconut milk, peach, kiwi, avocado, honey, turmeric, ginger, lime

Calories 104 Total Fat 4g Total Carbs 18g Sugars 16g Fiber 3g Protein 1g

Green Detox

A refreshing immunity booster packed with greens.

spinach, mint, cucumber, pear, pineapple, cashew, coconut milk, honey, lemon juice

Calories 110 Total Fat 4g Total Carbs 18g Sugars 10g Fiber 3g Protein 3g


Bold berry flavors without a sugar crash.

strawberry, blueberry, blackberry, coconut milk, honey, apple

Calories 107 Total Fat 2g Total Carbs 23g Sugars 16g Fiber 4g Protein 1g


Peanut butter, banana, almond milk, and cinnamon. This is the perfect breakfast or post-workout fuel.

Unsweetened pea protein, peanut butter, banana, almond milk, avocado, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, almond

Calories 190 Total Fat 7g Total Carbs 20g Sugars 12g Fiber 3g Protein 12g


The perfect pick-me-up that is satisfying and good for you.

cold brew coffee, banana, cashew, almond milk, date, vanilla, honey, psyllium husk

Calories 133 Total Fat 3g Total Carbs 21g Sugars 15g Fiber 2g Protein 2g


Everyone’s favorite healthy and wholesome snack just got hyperfresh.

garbanzo beans, avocado, lemon juice, tahini, salt, garlic, cumin, paprika

Calories 180 Total Fat 7g Total Carbs 24g Sugars 4g Fiber 7g Protein 8g

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